Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Events and Room Hire Terms

Provisional bookings

Provisional bookings will be entered in the diary and held for 14 days. If the booking is then not confirmed, with the required details of the event, including title and speakers; the booking will be automatically cancelled.

During the provisional booking period, if we have further interest in the room we are holding for you, we will contact you to release or confirm your booking.

Apothecary Aesthetics reserves the right to cancel your booking if the content of your meeting changes from that which was originally agreed upon and/or if the topics are deemed by us to be in direct conflict with our own events.

Confirmation of booking

All bookings are accepted on the basis that they are only provisional until written confirmation, as well as written details of the event, including title and speakers, has been received. Once we have emailed confirmation of the booking and the deposit is taken the cancellation policy will apply.

Cancellation charges

In the event that a confirmed booking is cancelled, the following charges will be applied:

  • 1 month or less: 25% of room hire
  • 2 weeks or less: 50% of room hire
  • 1 weeks or less: 85% of room hire
  • 2 days or less: 100% of room hire

Notification of cancellations should be made in writing (email deemed to be as in writing) and will be effective on the date received by Apothecary Aesthetics.

Apothecary Aesthetics reserves the right to cancel the booking if the holding of the function is deemed a conflict of interest or potentially harmful to the business of Apothecary Aesthetics or its staff. Should it be deemed by Apothecary Aesthetics management that a client has withheld and/or not disclosed full details of the event and its contents/speakers for any reason then Apothecary Aesthetics reserve the right to cancel the booking without penalty or liability.

Deposits and payments

Apothecary Aesthetics reserves the right to require up to 100% payment of the room hire as a deposit. Failure to pay the deposit within seven days of booking will result in Apothecary Aesthetics cancelling the booking.

Payment for all invoices is required within 30 days of the invoice date. VAT is applicable on all charges at the current rate.

Catering service

Apothecary Aesthetics is happy to organise catering if you would like to provide this for your clients or delegates. Should you require this service please speak to a member of our team.  This service may incur additional charges which will be communicated to you.

Disabled facilities

The facilities at Apothecary Aesthetics have disabled access and include disabled toilets which are on the ground floor.

Emergency evacuation for persons with disabilities

For all events, information relating to attendance by delegates with disabilities should be obtained from delegates whenever possible in advance of the meeting or event.

On arrival the organiser must discuss with Apothecary Aesthetics staff the arrangements that they have put in place to assist their delegate/s to evacuate the premises, which should consist of the following elements:

  • Results of a discussion with the delegate/s to agree their Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) in advance of the meeting.
  • Allocation of a ‘buddy’ to assist with their evacuation if required.
  • Communication of PEEP to Apothecary Aesthetics staff and reception.
  • In the event of the organiser being unaware of a delegate’s disability until their arrival, a discussion needs to take place as soon as possible to agree their PEEP, and this needs to be communicated to Apothecary Aesthetics staff.


No signs or other items may be placed on or affixed to any part of any properties or premises operated or controlled by Apothecary Aesthetics, either externally or internally, without prior consent. Sellotape, blu-tack or sticky fixtures may not be used on painted surfaces. Damage to any area within Apothecary Aesthetics by notices associated with your event will be charged to you following the event via an invoice.